Quality supervisor, quality inspector, business merchandiser, material staff, security guard, packing operator

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Due to production needs, the company recruits the following positions:

1. 1 quality supervisor, high school education or above,

▲Job requirements: 1. Have more than 3 years of work experience in quality inspection or quality management in the printing industry, be familiar with the ISO quality management system, and understand conventional inspection methods. 2. Have a sense of responsibility, strong execution, and have the skills to deal with quality problems. 3. Have strong observation and analysis skills, and strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills.

  ▲ Salary: 7000-9000 yuan

2. 2 quality inspectors, junior high school education or above,

▲Job requirements: 1. No color blindness, more than 1 year experience in quality inspection in the printing industry; 2. A sense of responsibility, strong execution, and skills in handling quality problems; 3. Strong observation and analysis capabilities, Must have strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills; 4. Familiar with production site quality inspection techniques.

▲ Salary: 4500-5500 yuan

3. 1 business merchandiser,

▲Job requirements: 1. Responsible for sub-customer sales document development; 2. Responsible for sub-customer order contract management/participating in related activities implemented by ISO; 3. Responsible for the verification and collection of accounts receivable by customers; 4. Computer proficiency and responsibility Strong heart, obey management.

▲ Salary: 4500-5500 yuan

4. 1 material staff, ▲post requirements:

1. Assist the warehouse clerk to do the acceptance, accounting and distribution of materials and equipment in and out of the warehouse in accordance with the regulations, so that the accounts are consistent.

2. Assist the warehouse manager to keep track of the inventory status at any time, ensure timely supply of materials and equipment, and give full play to the efficiency of turnover.

3. Be familiar with the varieties, specifications, models and performances of the corresponding materials and equipment, and fill in clearly.

4. Assist in the safety management of warehouse management and warehouse and complete the work of temporary explanation by the leader.

▲ Salary: 4500-5000 yuan

5. 1 security guard: ▲Job requirements:

1. Familiar with security access control regulations; 2. Sanitary cleaning around the factory gate; 3. Morning and evening inspection of water and electricity in the workshop; 4. Open environmental sewage treatment machine for sewage treatment from time to time every day; 5. Press cake packing work of the company's waste paper every day.

▲ Salary: 4500-5500 yuan.

6. Two packing operators:

▲Job requirements: 1. Strong sense of responsibility; 2. Obey management;

▲ Salary: 4000-4500 yuan.

■Other benefits: including food and lodging, performance bonus, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, birthday benefits, employee parent pension benefits, etc.

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